Neutral Soil, Purple Sprouting and…a cat

So Mel’s gardening course continues and this week has provided us with the revelation that our garden soil has a neutral pH and is clay loam. So, not quite as bad as we thought. The simple fact that the word “loam” was even mentioned seemed encouraging.

Apparently the result is theoretically not so good for our potato crops as they should prefer a more acidic soil but it seems unlikely that we won’t be planting more of the Charlotte variety that gave us so much success and enjoyment last year.

Spurred on by these nuggets of information I managed to make it out into the garden for a little while on Saturday. The new thermometer went up on the wall and whilst it didn’t quite feel like the 26 degrees it suggested there was a certain warmth in the air that meant I could spend some time catching up with the progress of our purple sprouting broccoli and garlic. Purple Sprouting and Garlic We’ve got three different varieties of garlic on the go: Solent Wight; Iberian Wight; and Early Purple Wight. They all came from The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight – hence the names, I suspect – and went in the ground sometime back in October. All being well, we should start to harvest the Early Purple sometime in May, continuing through the summer for the two later varieties.

Apart from a few daffodil shoots poking through that seems to be about all for now. However, I did run into one other sign of life whilst I was out. Sid the catNext door’s cat, Sid, seems to have become a frequent visitor to our garden. Keeping him away from our fledgling efforts seems likely to be our next task….


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