Back to more Black

So despite there being a big, empty shiny new blog sitting here for me to play with it seems that more of my time is taken up with the pre-occupation of “how it looks” rather than “what its says”. Here at the outset of my dalliance with blogging I have already spent what seems an age dithering between or as my account of choice.

And even once I had managed to nail that decision then I was no sooner faced with a choice of themes, widgets and all manner of other extras to send me into a perplexingly pleasing state of pseudo-panic. There is – perhaps so very sadly it seems – little better at occupying my mind at the moment than issues of column layouts, font selections, palettes and general typography which are of no apparent interest to anyone else that I come across on a day to day basis. Thankfully, there appears to be many number of people that I don’t come across who have some interest in all of this and so it was with some relief that I tracked down Lorelle Van Fossen’s one year anniversary article on Choosing a WordPress Theme. So it is that having flirted variously with both the Hemmingway and Emire themes I appear to have settled (for now at least) on the smart by Ulysses Ronquillo and can now begin to concentrate on the thorny issue of writing something that someone might find vaguely interesting.